About us

Sissy-Boy is a unique fashion and lifestyle brand with over 40 stores in the Benelux today. Sissy-Boy is a brand with Dutch roots and a global attitude. A brand with a story. And this story is not just about clothing, but also about food, drink, care, styling, and much more. It's all about combinations and the special connections and experiences that emerge from them. Fashion with interior, styling with living, a dress with accessories. Together with Sissy-Boy, you shape the basic needs of your life. Therefore, Sissy-Boy's creed is: Life designed with Sissy-Boy.

What do others say about us?

"Sissy-Boy is a true soul store." - Soulstores.com

"Sissy-Boy is always looking for surprising combinations" - Elle.nl

"For me, Sissy-Boy (...) is the ideal place for colour inspiration. This store has the nicest accessories for every room in the house. (...) Their range is so varied that you will always succeed" - Rachel Siwaletti via Metronieuws