Book Ik Bak Geweldig

Desem Enzo
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Book Ik Bak Geweldig


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Baker Edwin Klaasen is winning the hearts of top chefs in the Netherlands and Belgium with his sourdough bread. Behind his company Desemenzo is an artisan team of bakers. He expresses his love for his craft during the bread courses he provides with TV chef Robert Verwij and Albert Steehouder. In order to make their knowledge accessible to home bakers, Desemenzo is now releasing a baking book. Do not expect a traditional baking book full of recipes; baking bread required knowledge. If you do something, you need to know why. Why do you use rye or spelt? Why must dough have a certain temperature? And why is the duration of kneading so important? The answers can be found in this baking book. And more. Much more. This even means there will be a lesson on chemistry. You will learn to recognise errors in bread and thanks to this baker's knowledge, you will bake the most beautiful bread ever.

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Item# 00002910

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